Hate spreads hate

Hello Folks, I am back!

I would like to write something like oh this summer is so beautiful, I am having lot of fun! (exams alert!), but simply I cannot, I cannot when I read about so much hate spread around us and about a disappeared humanity.

Two weeks ago I wrote on my Twitter account: Racist governments are an incentive for racists to pull out their shit from their mouth. When I wrote this, I limited myself because I perfectly know this is not limited to just words, but it is about actions too.

I cannot shut my mouth up when I read about all this hate. I CANNOT!

I am human. I want to stay human. Let’s all stay human!

Do you want some example of what I am talking about? Then, here we are…

(All these are just examples about Italy, but I am going to translate)

In a high school in San Donato Milanese, a 17-year-old student was bullied by three classmates of him, supported by the new professor, because of his sexual orientation. Here you can read what those three students told him: «a casa mia i froci li cerchiamo e li massacriamo» (at my place we look for and beat faggots up) and «voi (sottinteso, i gay) dovete finire tutti nei forni» (you (gays) must go into the ovens). Everybody knows what ovens they were talking about, does’t it? [source: here] The professors shut up and one of them was even complicit. This in a period in which Lorenzo Fontana, minister of family and disability and member of Lega Nord, told «gay family doesn’t exist».

A foreign worker [W] called his employer [E] to stay at home because he was ill but he was offended by his employer. This happened in Trentino, one of Italian regions in the north. Part of the translation of the transcription (I added commas to read it easily):

E: great kind of shit, fucking Islamic, dear God Axxxxxxxx
W: mister
E: look, you can’t joke with me, oh shut up (bastard) your God, shut up fucking Muslim xxxx you don’t find my brother with me, what do you have to stay at home?
W: I’m not fine
E: eh?
W:  I’m not fine
E: what do you have to stay at home?
W: what happened?
E: speak well bastard, what do you have to stay at home? Eh?
W: who is? Who is?
E: who is? Look God damn Axxx you don’t find my brother with me, I go to your home pay attention xxx, I eat you xxx, pay attention bastard
E: what do you have fucking Muslim not to go to work xxx God damn bad bunch, I go there xxxx, I burn you alive fucking Islamic, look Axxxxxxxxxxx pay attention, tomorrow I want you here to work, have you understood? If not, God damn pay attention to go out too, pay attention to go out
W: but
E: because I burn you alive, got it?
W: but I’m not afraid of you, dear, you can do whatever you want to
E: eh look bastard xxx fucking God damn
W: but thanks
E: I burn you, pay attention God damn, tomorrow morning come here with my brother, my dad, me and you make us look what you have and don’t joke around with us got it?
W: but I’m not fine, I’m not fine
E: you aren’t fine what? what does your God damn’s ramadam have? Look, I send you Casapound, do you know what Casapound is in Trento? To kidnap you, thay burn you alive, pay attention, pay attention xxxx that they eat you xxxxx, tomorrow hangarr, got it?
E: I go to your home tonight, I’ve advised you
E: bastard Allah, you’re Allah, fucking Allah, fucking Allah, motherfucker, I wish all your race died
W: thanks
E: Allah is shit, pig
W: thanks
E: xxx pay attention to go out, pay attention to go out
W: I want to ask you what do you want?
E: shut fucking Muslim up, shut fucking Moroccan up, bastard race
W: but thanks
E: I can even kill you now xxxx, Salvini is in charge, motherfucker

[souce: here]

Bouyagui Konate, a 22-years-old guy originally from Mali and living in Italy for 4 years, was coming back home when he was shot with a BB gun. He told that the men laughed before running away.  [source: here]

I guess that everyone knows what is happening in Mediterranean sea… well, below you can read some comments written on Twitter and Facebook about the three dead childen.



Tranlation: They’d have become pushers and raper on the loose here in Italy.









Translation: Those ARE SHIT NOT ITALIANS!!!!!




Translation: With so many dead in the sea, it’ll end up that I won’t buy anchovies anymore.




Translation: Is there anything wrong in this pic?

This is just one of those people who claim that those children did not really dead, but they are just dolls or whatever. People are not respectful even in front of tragedies… I am totally speechless… Every day I am more and more and more speechless. All this shows lack of humanity!


I could carry on writing other examples, but I stop here.

Stay human.


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